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In an effort to provide the best experience for our performers and event attendees, the 1175 Event Center does not allow any cameras with detachable lenses, tripods, big zoom lenses, or commercial use rigs into any of our concerts or shows. Anyone caught using an unauthorized camera will be quickly asked to leave the venue. Absolutely no refunds will be given to anyone asked to leave our venue for violating any of our policies. Anyone refusing to leave when asked will be charged with trespassing.


While using a cell phone to take photos or make videos at 1175 is not prohibited, we encourage you to keep your cell phones down during our concerts and shows so you do not block the view of those around you. Any media created with cell phones at 1175 is okay for sharing with friends and on social media posts, but that media is not authorized to be sold to anyone at any time.


The use of a camera flash or cell phone flash during any of our concerts or shows is prohibited. Flashes will distract the performers and those around you, so we ask that you do not use them during any of our concerts or shows.


Along with being seen by our security cameras, you may be captured by our inhouse media team in a photo or video while at any 1175 event (including but not limited to: concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, craft fairs, or fundraisers). Any photos and videos made by the 1175 staff or our inhouse media crew may be used to promote 1175 events online or in print. By attending any event at the 1175 Sports Park and Eatery building or the 1175 Event Center / Hall you agree to these terms.



We have professional photographers and videographers on our staff. Their photos will be posted on the 1175 Event Center Facebook page within days of the show. You are welcome to like, share, and comment on any of our social media posts. While we do not make videos of every concert, any videos we do create can be viewed and shared on the Live at 1175 YouTube Channel in the days following our shows.


Having a "media" pass will not grant you permission to use a camera on our premises, provide access to our photo pit, or allow you to meet our performers. A "media" pass also will not provide you free admittance to any 1175 Event Center concert or show. Our inhouse media team is led by a licensed photojournalist. Only the members of our inhouse media team are authorized to take photos at our concerts and shows. Photos from our concerts and shows can be requested for use online, in newspapers, or in magazines by emailing our inhouse media manager at The 1175 Events Center, our inhouse media team, our performers and their management all reserve the right to refuse photo and videos access to any media outlet without explanation.

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